La marque Dermina


It all began in Asia, when a young French entrepreneur, passionate about dermatology, moved to China to set up the first network of drugstores in the country. He experienced firsthand the fascinating urbanization of Asian megacities.
Unfortunately, this extreme urban environment proved to be detrimental to his sensitive skin, causing notable damage on a daily basis.

How can we maintain healthy skin when it is exposed daily to the stressors of urban life?

How can we repair damaged skin caused by environmental stress factors?

After taking root in Asia, the brand was founded in France. Upon returning to Paris in 2005, he joined forces with dermatological experts to create Dermina, the 1st dermo-cosmetic brand specialized in treating sensitive skin, weakened by the harmful effects of urban life.
Dermina was created based on his experience, having sensitive skin subject to the stress factors inherent in cities.