La marque Dermina


Microparticles (MP), volatile components (VOCs), heavy metals… Our body is porous, absorbing the microscopic pollution that we are surrounded by daily.

Crowds, public transportation, touch screens… We multiply our contact with a host of micro-organisms, which settle onto our face daily 250 times, on average 1.

We then use excessive amounts of soap, cleansers, harsh detergents… While eliminating toxins, we wear out our skin, causing the epidermis to weaken. If our skin is not already naturally sensitive, it definitely becomes sensitive.

UV rays, light, blue light... Our skin is exposed to harmful radiation both day and night. The adverse effects of natural light have long been demonstrated and today, there are studies underway showing that artificial lights can also wreak havoc on our skin.

Days are longer, while nights are shorter. We work late but continue having an active social life. And when we finally take time to relax, we often tend to overdo it in terms of food, cigarettes and alcohol… Not good for our health nor for our skin!

External stress factors and internal asphyxiation cause urban skin to suffocate. Its barrier function becomes impaired. So, the skin reacts – poorly – leading to a succession of cutaneous disorders: hypersensitivity, dull complexion, acne, dehydration, premature signs of aging…

Today, Dermina is paving the way to the new era of dermo-cosmetics: in addition to skin type and level of sensitivity, we take lifestyle and the surrounding environment into account.


1 Manchester University, UK - 2019